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【AUDITION】Supporting Actress for a new independent film

投稿日時:2022/05/12 22:12:13
募集地域:埼玉 / 千葉 / 東京 / 神奈川

【Genre】 Historical Love Story
【Run Time】Feature film
【Filming Schedule】 One day in September (rehearsals scheduled for July and August)
【Audition Application Fee】 Free

Barbara (AGE 27)
Gender Female 
Nationality White / Jewish / German / Nordic/ Latin /Anglo-Saxon / Slavic/ Indian / Arab /Aryan
Language English (dialect /fluent/native)
Amusement park performer. She plays a princess. Very bright and talkative. She acts like a Disney character.

It is an epic tragedy played out by global actors. They are tormented by their own dark traumas. It is eventually shattered.
There was a woman working as a performer at theme park in Japan. Her name is Ella. She plays Princess. One day she is bullied. And when she couldn't stand it any more, she sued the management company.
One day, she meets an American man. His name is Clerk. They are attracted to each other and spend the night together. They are attracted to each other and spend the night together. But, Clerk leaves japan for Burma the next day. He had secrets in his past. She was only a temporary mistress.
Ella called Barbara at her favorite terrace bar. Ella wanted her to comfort her. But Barbara accuses Ella of being in a labor union. In the awkward atmosphere, a young Japanese man speaks to the girls. ......
Near Tokyo

40,000 yen per day

【How to apply】
1) Your name (furigana)
2) Date of birth and age
3) Height
4) Photo
5) Career
6) Nearest station
7) Motivation for applying
8) Self-introduction

Please contact us at the following e-mail address with the above information.

Thank you for reading to the end. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to hearing from you.

【Anti-harassment policy】
We will have a detailed meeting with the Actors' Department and staff before crank-in to discuss questions, direction, etc., and take thorough measures to prevent harassment. In the event of any problems, the production manager will handle the matter.



掲載者Wagon Master Entertainment
担当者Masakazu Ryotsu
応募・問合せ ※ご利用の端末に設定されたメールソフトが開きます。


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